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3 Insightful Tips for Working with a Graphic Designer

There are many in business who do not fully understand the role of a graphic designer, but don’t worry if you fall into that category. These tips will provide you insight into forming a better relationship with your designer. Communication, trust, and respect are key aspects of the following:

Present the problem and the business goals. Your graphic designer’s job is to develop an idea to solve your problem. This is where the creative juices flow at their best. The core of a great marketing campaign, logo, or branding concept starts from the idea, and this is where the designer comes in. Not only do they design the “look” of the piece, they design the initial “concept.”

Let the designer design. Your graphic designer is skilled in color theory, typography, and concept development. Requesting to mix and match fonts, colors, ideas, and graphic elements from different pieces will only result in a watered-down design. Your designer has researched and carefully crafted each piece to solve the problem you have presented. Remember that what is designed for your business should not be based on your personal tastes but rather on your business needs. Often times, preconceived ideas and color preferences inhibit the designer from producing that unique and creative design that will produce the business results you desire. You will be surprised what your designer can produce if you will let them manage the direction of the design.

Allow enough time. Rush jobs will only get you subpar design. Your business deserves better than that. Producing stellar designs and concepts that return results in your business will require ample time. Your designer spends time researching, sketching, brainstorming, developing multiple concepts, searching for that perfect font, experimenting with color schemes, creating graphic elements, and kerning (ask your designer about that one!). All of this is involved in the creation of your design piece, and the results are worth it.

If you can develop a good working relationship with your designer in these ways, they will appreciate your trust in their abilities, and in turn, they will respect you. Graphic designers are professionals in the business world, and they are trained to work in that capacity.

Business professionals, has this information provided a better understanding of what your graphic designer is capable of? Are you in need of a graphic designer to elevate your visual communications? If so, I can help.